"Michelle, Guy M. Stewart Cancer Fund, Inc. greatly appreciates your lecture, Eating For Your Best Health In 2016, which you provided to us on January 10, 2016.  Learning about the values of eating a whole food plant based diet was most informative and how to ease into it gradually was very practical.  The samples you shared with us were delicious and provided motivation for people to try out some of your sample recipes on their own."

-Loretta Migliore, President, Guy M. Stewart Cancer Fund, Inc.

"The vegan cooking class has really opened my eyes on how easy it is to cook and prepare vegan food. I've already started making slight modifications to my daily diet to include meatless proteins. BTW- I've already made tempeh twice and tofu scrambles!! 

- Megan, Cooking Class Student 

"From the day Michelle and I first met I knew this was going to be an amazing life- changing ride. She is so driven to make everyone happy and healthy. I decided to go 100% vegan after our first session which I knew would be so hard but Michelle was there guiding me through it all. With a few bumps in the road of course, it was the best decision I ever made. I felt so much better mentally and physically. Without Michelle though I'm not quite sure I could have done it. She literally guided me through every step of the wat no matter what hour of the high it was- she was there to answer any crazy question I had. She's a health genius in my eyes!!!! I look up to her more and more each day and am so proud to call her my health coach."

- Ruth, Private coaching client

"I am the Third VP of Temple Sholom. The Sisterhood of Temple Sholom invited Michelle Gindi to give a demonstration on healthy eating.  She was a HUGE hit!!!  EVERYONE was impressed with her knowledge, poise, and enthusiasm.  The 3 foods she prepared in front of us were absolutely delicious!  We would invite her back anytime.  

- Toby Donk, Temple Sholom Sisterhood 

"This past summer my sister and I decided to have Michelle come educate our non- healthy eating boys. Of course she came so prepared- measuring tape and all to measure their muscles and timer to see how fast they can run. She got them to try so many things they never would have tried before, and dumping all the colored cereals and coke cans in the trash!! The entire summer the kids would recite "I'm happy the food Im eating is making my body healthy. Tip today my son likes to find Michelle whenever he can to show her he's eating healthy...

- Aaron's Mom, group kid's wellness client 

"The girls loved the class. They are all coming to me to say they tried [the recipes]  at home. But more than that, they loved listening to you talk. You are so awesome.   Truly inspiring. Thank you as always for sharing your knowledge and making us happier and healthier

- Shifra Hanon, Yeshivah of Flatbush High School

"I never worked with anyone like Michelle- she never rushes you, is eternally patient, never pushy, always considerate of client's taste, needs, and limitations. Knowledgable about everything having to do with nutrition, answers texts in a timely fashion, if not immediately. She has the sweetest disposition, pleasant and respectful. I HIGHLY recommend her as a health coach!"

-Nechama, private coaching client

"So many parents showed up to learn health tips from Michelle Gindi of Buddha Bowls and Burpees...when it comes to picky eaters among our children, it takes a village- and some very delicious and nutritious products and recipes!

Ben Porat Yosef School, Kid's Wellness Workshop 

"Was looking to improve my overall health. I heard about Michelle and decided to give it a try. She handed me hours of personalized attention and helpful tip and recipes. Even when I came to her with questions a little outside her field she made sure to research the topic fully and give me answers that would benefit me. It was an incredible experience. Will be using her useful tips and techniques moving forward!" 

- Brenda, group coaching client 

"From the moment I met Michelle, I knew I was in good hands. Her confidence and her approach were exactly what I needed. Every meeting, she went over everything in detail and wouldn't stop till she saw that I was on board with her plan. She listened and didn't force things on me. She doesn't do it for the money, she gets real joy from seeing the results. She follows up and makes sure you're doing well. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone that has problems dieting, knowing what to eat and what not to ear or just wants to learn to eat right, like me." 

- Sammy, private coaching client

"After having 3 kids and no time for myself, I knew I needed direction on how to take time out of my busy day to focus on myself and my health. Michelle sat tirelessly with me to teach me about healthier eating habits and how to make them work with my specific busy life. I am proud to say I now exercise multiple times a week and changed my eating habits significantly."

- Allison, group coaching client

- "Michelle is a true professional! I took a cooking class with her a few weeks ago with a couple of friends and she was extremely knowledgable. She gave amazing advice on how to tweak our diets and incorporate more healthful options. Every dish we prepped was super easy and delicious! her passion really came through and it made us all excited to try new foods and recipes."

Emily, group cooking class student

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