Immunity Boosting Juice

January 25, 2018

Last week, I was battling 103.5 fever and a bout of mastitis (if you don't know what it is look it up, it aint pretty!) I was nursing 8-10 times a day, but not capable of doing anything else whatsoever. Knowing I had to feed myself something, I went onto the UberEats app, which is a food delivery app that can bring food to my door in 25-30 minutes. I scrolled through and found a juice that sounded good- it was called "Immunity booster" and had delicious mix ins like beets, ginger and carrots. When I placed the juice in my cart and was ready to check out, I saw that my total was $15.88. I shuffled out of my bed, with a pounding headache, grabbed some fruits and veggies from the fridge and set up my juicer. Within 3 minutes, I had the same exact type of juice in my house, FOR FREE (well, I mean that all my produce was already bought anyway). I needed the sweetness of the juice since my taste buds were way off and everything else, including water, was tasting horrible! 


Even if you aren't sick, a little immune boosting juice is always a good idea! 




Immunity Boosting Juice
1 beet
1 knob ginger
2 carrots
1 Navel orange 


Prepare all produce and juice in a juicer. 

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