Packing My Hospital Bag: Part 1: The Mom Stuff

January 7, 2018

** Note: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. If you decide to purchase through these links, I will receive a small percentage used to manage this site. Thanks for all your support! **


     Initially, I thought that no one out there would care less about my pregnancy postings- after all, I have no way of knowing how many of you following along are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant in the near future. For that reason, I didn’t post too many pregnancy posts on my blog throughout the last 9 months. HOWEVER, in my last trimester as I began talking about it more on my Instagram stories, I realized just how many of you are really interested in learning more about natural solutions and non- toxic products in pregnancy! I especially got SO MUCH FEEDBACK on my recent Instagram Live of what products are going into my hospital bag that I figured that a dedicated set of blog posts would definitely help you out! I divided the items by Mom stuff and Baby stuff, which will follow in a second post. 


     I am one of those people that ABSOLUTELY HATE hospitals- the food that comes wrapped in plastic, the hallways that smell like antibacterial toxic sludge, the uncomfortableness of the bed and sheets.... it’s as though they are actively trying to get you to run out of there as soon as possible (which I do- the first question I ask is when is the earliest I can get released). 


     In order to try to make my upcoming baby delivery experience as positive as possible, I’ll be bringing a lot of my own stuff from home- familiar foods and scents to make the stay more bearable. Here’s what I packed: 



     Mostly just the obvious basics. I considered buying my own comfortable hospital gown, but I hate the idea that’s it’s really a one time product, so I refrained. Here are some options if you are interested. 


Bathrobe: I can totally see myself lazy AF and just wearing a bathrobe like this one around for easy access to nursing. In the past, I never used that many nursing tops or bras, because the straps of the bras would randomly fall dow in the middle of the day, and the tops are just so ugly.  I’d love your feedback on whether they really are helpful and whether there are any nursing clothing you guys love! 


Socks and slippers: Did you ever see those unfortunate people who forget socks on the TSA security line at the airport and have to walk through the x-ray machine barefoot? Well, the hospital evokes that same feeling of yuckiness so I packed both. I don't like scratchy hospital socks, of course.  


Pajamas with button down tops: I’m definitely not wearing the hospital gown one more minute longer than I have to (Did I mention I was born with an overly sensitive sense of smell and the clorox-y hospital gown smell is enough to drive me crazy?). I bought these new pajamas because mine were old and ugly anyway and I plan on hanging out in PJs all day while I recover from the delivery at home. I packed 2 pairs with me, in black and navy. The buttons seem like it would be easy to nurse. 


Sweatpants: I have 4 pairs of miracle sweatpants that have fit me pre-pregnancy and all the way to my 9th month when even my maternity jeans wouldn’t pull up. 


Sweatshirt - Another present to myself -Found  the comfiest one in the world. 


Underwear: I believe the hospital gives out some mesh underwear that I never used in my last 2 pregnancies and I doubt I’ll change my mind this time around. That stretchy mesh is gross. 


Personal Care 

Pads: I know people hoard all the free hospital goods. (I don’t say these things are free but rather included in the price of our sky high insurance premiums...) I’m the opposite. Even if I do use theirs immediately after delivery, I packed 2 varieties of my own-  these Veeda brand Organic pads (I won’t lecture you on what’s in feminine hygiene products right now, but suffice to say it ain’t good!) I also bought Always Radiant in case the organic ones just don’t cut it. 



Nipple cream: I packed this Earth Mama Nipple Butter: The main product people use for nipple soarness is Lanisoh brand lanolin. Since baby is coming directly in contact with any product I use here and probably even ingesting a small portion, you better believe I’m only going to choose something non- toxic. While lanolin is generally viewed as safe for babies and moms, it is a by product of sheep’s wool and may be heavily sprayed with pesticides... something I want to keep far away from baby and myself! The Earth Mama nipple butter uses organic olive oil, she’s butter and calendula oil, which seem like safer choices to me.



Toothbrush and toothpaste: I make my own toothpaste but I’m not bringing any DIY products almond with me. I’ll be using this DoTerra’s On Guard toothpaste. (Enter my member ID number #3976518 while placing the order to receive free customized essential oils support from me and my team!)


Contacts and glasses: Simply because I’d like to actually be able to see my baby after all this time! 


Natural chapstick- The closest thing to makeup that I packed. All pictures will be taken au naturale, as always. See this one infused with essential oils. 



Tech Gear

Airpods: Get on Amazon here. Last hospital stay, I shared a room with a woman who kept her baby in the room with her all night. The baby cried non- stop and she was on her cellphone ALL NIGHT LONG! I screamed at my husband the next morning to get me a private room for the next night because I couldn’t take it!  

I would have loved to make some type of “baby playlist” but I’m too lazy for that. I’ll probably just listen to anything on Pandora to drown out some of the hospital buzzing, beeping and people. To me having these be wireless was important so I wouldn’t get baby tangled up in anything.,


Extra long length iPhone charger cable: Get on Amazon here. Thank you person on Instagram who recommended this! 


Wellness Gear

Because wellness is way more than simply recovering from trauma, there are certain items I packed which are meant to keep me as  relaxed and rested as possible. 

Eye Mask + Blue Light Blocker Glasses:  . To me, hospitals are basically like airplanes that don’t actually go anywhere- lights, sounds, annoying noises from other passengers, the hospital has it all. Just as though I’d pack these on a flight, they are in my hospital bag. Blue light blockers blocks the type of light that halts melatonin production. Recovery is a time for resting, and you don’t want your body working against you and keeping you away all night, even if you plan on nursing every 2 hours. Here are my blue light blockers, which I recommend to people even for home use! Similarly, if you’re someone who needs pitch blackness to sleep, there’s no easier way than a good breathable eye mask.  This is the eye mask I have, and I love that its molded so it doesn't feel like you are suffocating!. 


 Essential oil travel case with 8 roller balls- I will go over which oils I decided to pack in a separate post, with some blend recommendations for all of you! As you know, I am obsessed with DoTerra’s essential oils, and will certainly be sniffing the hell out of them to try to mask hospital smell. I also train people in the safe and effective use of the oils, so if you are interested in getting started with essential oils, just drop me an Instagram direct message or email. 



Birth Plan: Because of the overwhelming response from all of you over Instagram Stories, I will post an addition blog post going over what I included in my birth plan as well as how you can create your own in under a half hour.


I’d love to know some of YOUR hospital bag mom essentials. Email me or message me on Instagram and I’ll be happy to add a section here of other ideas! 








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