Lice Prevention Detangler Spray

November 3, 2017

I remember it like it was yesterday - In August when I was about 9-10, lice infested my hair from someone at summer camp and it seemed like forever until it had passed. My mom tried a million treatments (hair blowing every 2 minutes anyone?) Needless to say, I've been paranoid ever since and whenever there is a lice outbreak at my children's school, I go full on freak out! 


This week, I received a text saying there is lice in my 5 year old's classroom. With a homemade spray bottle in hand, I ran to school within minutes and starting spraying my daughters hair and back of neck. I also brought extra ponytails to spray and wrap other girl's hair in the classroom. 


While I would do ANYTHING to get rid of those little buggers if they got into my kids hair, I also know that conventional lice products contain harmful chemicals, pesticides and its questionable if they are even effective anymore (lice may have grown resistant to them!)  My spray contains all natural essential oils plus an astringent and oil for detangling (jojoba oil has not made my children's hair oily at all). Give it a try! 




Lice Prevention Detangler Spray 

 2ml glass spray bottle (I use these)

20 drops lavender oil (All my essential oils are from DoTerra and can be purchased retail here. You can also reach out to me about getting a wholesale account and joining our team! Simply head over to the contact me page here

20 drops tea tree oil

5 drops peppermint oil

1 oz witch hazel (I use this)

1 tbsp jojoba oil (I use this)

water, to fill to the top


Simply add all your ingredients, shake well and spray your child's hair. 



Here are some more natural products to try for prevention and to kill lice: 


 Happy Heads Lice Prevention Kit: This kit contains a non- toxic preventive shampoo, conditioner, prevention and metal comb


Happy Heads Bye Bye Lice Kit: This kit is for kids that have lice. I do not know what the "lice ladies" use to get rid of lice, but I would definitely assume it isn't natural, and non0 toxic


Lice Logic Clear and Free Shampoo Another non- toxic option for getting rid of lice



Here are some other essential oils that can be used to prevent and kill lice:  geranium, lemongrass, cinnamon, thyme

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