Guest Post: Five Makeup Products That Must Be Hypoallergenic and toxin- free!

November 1, 2017


Makeup obsessed women know exactly how essential their beauty products are for them, but what’s even more important is taking care of your skin and protecting it from the harmful effects of chemicals contained in cosmetic products. Cheaper cosmetics have their allure, however there are products you should splurge on to get best results and protect your skin. I would recommend using hypoallergenic products that are also naturally free of animal dye products and parabens. Here’s a list to keep in mind while you go shopping:



  1. Foundation: This in itself is pretty clear. Foundation is vital to achieve that look of a flawless skin, so try and find yourself a foundation that works best for ultra reactive skin because this drastically reduces the chances of getting acne. Mostly the products that are manufactured for ultra reactive skin tend to have high-quality and natural ingredient. So it is not as much about the splurging on product as it is about putting on your face what’s right for the skin. 

  2. Concealer: A concealer is the last thing you want acting up on your skin, the primary reason we use a concealer is to hide marks on our skin which are mostly a remainder of pimples. Mostly the hypoallergenic concealers manufactured nowadays work as both spot corrector and colour corrector, so you don’t really have to own more than one concealers. Just stick to a camouflaging, hypoallergenic concealer to prevent any breakouts. 

  3. Mascara is vital to create the final look, it never lets you down whether you’re preparing for a night party or just running to your workplace in the morning; a few coats of mascara and you already look really prim & proper. But mascaras that are manufactured with the right ingredients can have disastrous effects on your beautiful, long lashes. Try to buy mascaras that are packed with vital minerals to pamper your lash-line and keep the skin hydrated. Never leave it on before you sleep. There are non-gluten mascaras in the market now that actually strengthen your eyelashes.

  4. Eyeshadow:I know, I know it is not wise to splurge on eyeshadows and spend a fortune on getting those highly pigmented shades when the same results can be achieved by various eyeshadow application tactics, but if your eyes are sensitive, I don’t believe you’ve got any choice here. It is best to protect your eyes beforehand than to suffer later, so invest in a neutral palette of eyeshadows that can be worn at various occasions and style – own a couple of darker shades to create drama for those nights when you need to look glamorous. Find out what works best for you by clicking at this link. 

  5. Eye pencil: Once again, sensitive eyes can cause serious trouble if they are not taken care of and using an eye pencil means getting the product right inside your eyelid. Find yourself a nice deeply pigmented Kohl and you’re all set. 


These are some of the products which must be hypoallergenic to keep that perfect skin of yours flawless. Stay beautiful and radiant!


Author Bio:Jane Williams is a makeup artist and stylist. She is obsessed with fashion, makeup and new makeovers. She regularly blogs at


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