October DoTerra Promotions!

October 2, 2017

I am SO excited to announce the October promotion because it.is.friggin.amazing! I'm all about finding my new favorite oils and blends and this month DoTerra is giving away 3 FREE OILS for every 200PV purchase! On top of that, the product of the month is On Guard 5ml oil which is probably one oil I use daily at home and with my family. 

 Here is some info about the free oils: 




- Helps with Insomnia and sleep issues

- Relieves stress, tension and anxiety

- Helpful in the management of ADD/ADHD and hyperactivity


- Ideal for managing stress, anxiety and mood swings

- Helps manage anger, fear, grief and trauma

- Reduces Jet lag and travel anxiety




Citrus Bliss:  

- Invigorating and uplifting blend

- Aids with depression, stress and anxiety

- Good for lymphatic and immune boostin

- Can be used as an air freshener and antiseptic cleaner


On Guard: 

- Immunity booster- seasonal threats

- Can be used to ward off daily germs

- Helpful to cleanse air and house



Drop me an email or reach out through the contact page to become empowered with essential oils in your home! 




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