Top 5 Essential Oils To Support Your Family This Back to School Season

August 29, 2017

I'm one of those crazy parents who have been planning the whole back to school routine from June. I've been in and out of health food stores looking for new snacks, on buying every lunch container accessory and organizing my house for the new school year - I admit its a little nuts around here! 


One area I've been particularly excited about is implementing an essential oils routine on my kids and my whole household this year- especially to support their focus, mood (when it gets darker earlier and the weather starts to suck!) and boost their overall immunity!


The oils in this list, other than InTune, are from DoTerra's Touch Line, which comes prediluted. This means that you don't need to know ANYTHING about the oils, other than their purpose! (However if you are a DIY queen, you may want to reach out to me to learn more about how you can blend your own oils)! 


Here are some of my favorite oil picks for supporting kids this back to school year! 

1. InTune: InTune is DoTerra's focus and attention blend and I plan on using this blend daily! This is the only oil on the list that is not pre- diluted. When my daughter comes home from school, she wants to do ANYTHING BUT homework! I typically serve her dinner first, we chat a little about our days while she eats and then we get into the 45 minutes- hour homework session. The truth is that we can BOTH use InTune! She can easily get distracted by my younger daughter who gets to play, color and just have fun all afternoon! I need it to actually focus on helping her get the job done as opposed to mindlessly fidgeting on Instagram, Facebook and emails just because I.CAN'T.SIT.STILL. Yike, but there, I've said it!  The afternoon routine will include both of us using this oil to settle our minds into focus mode. 


2. On Guard Touch: On Guard is DoTerra's Immune Support blend. This Touch bottle comes already diluted and simply needs to be swiped on- no fuss no mess! I love this because I can easily keep this in a drawer near my kids toothbrushes and simply swipe it on them each morning for a dose of immune support before they head off to school. I love that the Touch line is safe for kids and pregnant moms like me! It really takes the guess work out of oils! This is one of the oils I don't leave home without! 


3. Motivate Touch: I recently bought Motivate because I loved the idea that an essential oil can help motivate myself and my kids to get through the day! Kids have a LONG day and my second grader gets a ton of work both in school and after school! I want to keep her spirits up. Swiping some Motivate on along with always cheering on her efforts is my way of keeping her mood up and always pushing her to succeed! 


4. DigestZen Touch:  Digestzen is DoTerra's blend that aids in all types of digestive issues. As someone who went through SATs, AP Exams, LSATS and the Bar Exam, I remember quite clearly that pre- test nervous stomach feeling and I know that many kids get stomach aches as a result of stress and anxiety from school. This touch applicator means moms can easily swipe a nervous belly with the oil and help that uneasy stomach ache!


5. Breathe Touch: The change of season undoubtably brings some sniffly noses with it! The Breathe Touch helps open nasal passages and airways while still being safe for use for kids. Using the regular oils improperly diluted can hurt kids respiratory system, so this Touch stick is diluted to ensure safety and making it easy for moms to apply it hurriedly before school starts! 


Want to learn more about what the essential oil fuss is all about? Subscribe to the blog on top to get my Newbie Guide to Essential Oils and reach out to me with specific questions or to start your family on a road to amazing health! 




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