Toxic Ingredients To Look Out For In Your Kids Snacks this Back To School Season

August 27, 2017


If you are anything like me, you'll probably be taking some time figuring out what snacks you'll be buying in bulk for your kids to take to school this year. I posted an updated snack list with new snacks for your kids to try HERE but I also want to empower YOU to decide what snacks are good for your kids! Here I listed some problematic ingredients to look out for in packaged food that are often added to kids snacks. 


Artificial preservatives, colors and flavors:

  • PROBLEM:  Some artificial colors and flavors may heighten a predisposition for ADHD. Preservatives such as MSG may cause brain damage, nausea, headaches and chest pains in children.

    • May be listed as: Red Dye 40, Caramel color, Yellow 6, Nitrites, benzoates, MSG, yeast extract

    • Commonly found in: Packaged cereals, candy, cookies, crackers, flavored potato chips


Hydrogenated oils/ trans fat: 

  • PROBLEM: Transfat causes inflammation in the body which is a leading cause of chronic illness, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. It also raises bad cholesterol levels. 

    • May be listed as: partially hydrogenated oil (the worst kind) or hydrogenated oil. 

    • Commonly found in: Boxed pancake mix, cake mixes, break- and- bake cookies, crackers, peanut butter (junk brands), non-dairy creamers and parve whip creams, microwave pop corn, margarine


High Fructose Corn Syrup: 

  • PROBLEM: Negatively affects a child’s mood. stability, focus and attention span. 

    • Commonly found in: soda, candy and other packaged sweets


Citric Acid


PROBLEM: Can cause tooth erosion, stomach upset, heartburn, ruin the stomach lining

Commonly found in:  sour flavored sweets, lemon flavored snacks 

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