15 Better Kids' Snacks For This Back To School Year

August 15, 2017




The back to school frenzy is upon us! I know firsthand that children need to be taught the delicate balance between eating for pleasure and eating for health. On one hand I want my children to make good healthy choices when it comes to the food they choose to eat. However, I also want to teach them to enjoy their food and not obsess about perfection. School snacks is one of the ways I work on my own kids. I like to give them kids food that makes them happy, while at the same time ensuring they aren't eating too much toxic junk. This list is meant to make it a little easier for moms to find snacks that both moms and kids would approve of. None of these snacks have the worst artificial dyes and preservatives, while still maintaining a child friendly feel. Many snacks are organic, or at least non- GMO. I also capped the sugar content of these snacks at 10 grams, since I do not want my kids to be hyped up on sugar and then crash in the middle of the school day! I have included the sugar content of these snacks to help you decide what would be best for your own family! 

  1. Barbara’s Snackimals (1 oz, 8 grams of sugar): These work best on the 3-6 year olds like the idea of cookies in shapes. 

  2. Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Brownies (2 cookies 9 grams): The Enjoy Life Brand is a life saver for moms of kids with allergies as its Top 8 allergen free. I know its safe to bring to my children's school thats nut and seed free, which makes life very easy. It is also a great pantry staple to keep around for any playdates that come over that may have food allergies as well! 

  3. Natures Bakery Fig Bars (gluten free) twin pack (10 gram): These are yum for moms and kids alike and I love that gluten free kids can enjoy them as well! 

  4. Back to Nature Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies (11 grams) OK, so these cookies have 11 grams of sugar for the 1.25 oz bag but they taste so good theres a chance your child's friends will come over and share their snack!  I like this brand because all of their products are free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives- all the nasties I try to keep away from my own kids! 

  5. Back to Nature Fudge Mint Cookies (3 cookies 9 grams):  My oldest daughter is obsessed with that minty- chocolate combination and LOVES these cookies! 

  6. Enjoy Life Top 8 Allergen Free Coco Loco Bars (1 bar 8 grams)

  7. Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Crunchy Cookies (2 cookies 9 grams) 

  8. Enjoy Life crunchy Minis Double Chocolate- (1 bag 8 grams) : Because kids need OPTIONS! These snacks by Enjoy Life give your child the choice they want of what will go in their lunchbox each day! I often allow my kids to choose their snack and each of these Enjoy Life options rank high on their rotation!  

  9. Enjoy Life Sunseed Crunch Bars (1 bar 4 grams) While these may be an acquired taste for some kids, I love how Enjoy Life managed to make a bar with a low amount of sugar and decent amount of protein) I will definitely try this one on my kids a few times even though they found the flavor funky at first.  

  10. Stretch Island Organic Fruit Strip Grape, Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon (1 strip, 10 grams) While this rates high on the sugar scale, I have found that this snack works on virtually EVERY SINGLE KID! No matter how picky a child is, they love the sweetness of these strips. If you have one of those picky eaters at home, show them how good healthy can taste with these strips! 

  11. Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips Snack Pack 9 grams 

  12. Free 2 Be Sunbutter Cups, 1 cup 6 grams These are a HUGE treat for my daughter and I pack them as a surprise for her every now and then! I keep them in the freezer so they don't melt on the way to school 

  13. Laughing Giraffes Organic Chocolate Snackaroons 1 cookie 6 grams: Similar to Emmy's macaroons but these are nut free and a great option for kids that like coconut flavored snacks. 

  14. Nutiva O'Coconut lightly Sweetened coconut treat, 1 piece 3 grams: Another great coconut option for moms and kids alike.   

  15. 18 Rabbits JR Organic Chocolate Cherry Granola Bar, (1 bar 7 grams): 18 Rabbits has a great line of organic and gluten free products that taste similar to a Chewy bar but without all the nasties! 






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