What is Coconut Oil Pulling?

August 4, 2017


A few years ago, I started to read a lot about coconut oil pulling. Since I am someone who believes that those regular mouthwashes are toxic and even potentially carcinogenic, I was actively looking to get that clean mouth feeling in a more natural way. Intrigued? 

Coconut oil pulling is far from a new concept. As an Ancient Ayurvedic practice, the concept of oil pulling has been around for centuries in order to reduce inflammation and promote healthy teeth and gums. Oil pulling has been said to prevent tooth decay and cavities and strengthen gums. It is my opinion that it is JUST AS effective as alcohol based mouthwashes at preventing bad breath and can even get rid of the germs that may cause the underlying condition. 

While coconut oil pulling can be done with coconut oil alone, I love to add peppermint oil to further freshen breath and for that cooking sensation! 

How to Do Coconut Oil Pulling 

1. Do Oil Pulling first thing in the morning upon waking, before brushing teeth or eating.

2. Scoop 1 tablespoon of coconut oil + 1 drop peppermint essential oil and place into your mouth, making sure not to swallow.

3. Gently swish Oil around in your mouth for 10 minutes (people say up to 29 minutes, but it's hard to keep from swallowing it that long!) Make sure to try to get oil between teeth and all throughout the mouth.

4. When done, spit oil out in trash (coconut oil clogs the sink!).

5. Gently rinse mouth out with warm water.

As with all my essential oils, I strongly believe that quality is of the upmost importance. For myself and my family I only use DoTerra Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Want to learn more about the benefits of peppermint and other essential oils? Head over to the Essential Oil Section of the blogHERE

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