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July 13, 2017



Whenever I travel with my husband, I typically bring along a ton of snacks while he lives off Snicker bars and Coke bottles from any local convenience store. When I travel with our kids, I'm even more crazy about making sure there's TONS of food for any possible scenario. Packing up snacks to suit the whole family is not easy and those bags get heavy, but if it prevents a tantrum kid or a hangry mom, it's definitely worth it! 


For travel, I  divide snacks into 3 categories- meal replacements, munching snacks and desserts.

Here are some of my favorites in each category:


1. Meal replacements: The fact of the matter is that while traveling, you need to have real food on hand. Snacks like chips and candy are just not enough for when the family is hungry. I always make sure to bring oatmeal cups and quinoa cups for whenever a meal is in order. I also bring foods to boost less than exciting salads like olive packets and bags of beans. For breakfast, I bring along almond butter packets and hemp seeds for over toast and oatmeal.


Some of my favorite meal replacements include:  

- Cucina and Amore quinoa cups

- Trader Joe's Strawberry Oatmeal Cups

- Vigilant Eats Oatmeal Cups (The Cacao Goji is my favorite and the least sugar, but Amazon sells a variety pack to find your own favorite)

- Fig Foods beans 

- Ooloves Olive packets 

- Sabra Hummus with Pretzel

- Artisana Raw Almond Butter packs

- Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seeds


2. Munchy snacks- This category is generally associated with boredom while driving far distances or waiting on lines. Of course I'd rather not bribe my children with food but sometimes I need to distract them (and myself) from an endless wait time. For this, I like snacks that waste time!


Some of my favorites munchy snacks include: 

-pistachios (these take longest to crack but any nuts are good) 

- homemade or store bought trail mix (my kids often search through to find all the chocolate chips which is a great time waster)

- Annie's Really Peely - The organic answer to Fruit By The Foot

- Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops

- Simply Gum and SG mints- These mints are when I'm not actually hungry but just want to taste something. My favorite flavor is cinnamon and my kids love them too! 

- Protein Chips - for myself, I love the idea of getting more protein in my day, but I don't always want an overly sweet bar. Plus this has A LOT of chips in each bag and more is always better! 

- Justin's Maple Almond Butter with Pretzels

- Pressed By Kind Bars


3. Dessert Snacks- We love to taste local flavors, but many times my kid's are SO SO tired by the time dessert rolls around. In order to coax them back to the hotel quicker and to prevent them from raiding the mini bar, I keep desserts in the room. I also like to have something sweet after dinner! My favorites include 

- Black and Green 85% Dark Chocolate

- Emmys Organics Macaroons (4 pack)

- Lara Bar Minis or Bites 


Like almost everything else in my life, most of the snacks I like I buy on Amazon - scroll down to shop this post! 


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