The Only Person Buying Maternity Jeans at 3 Weeks Pregnant

August 15, 2017

So this really happened... at 3 weeks pregnant (when many people don't even know they are pregnant yet) I marched into my local H&M and bought 3 pairs of maternity jeans. Obviously I had no stomach yet and the baby was the size of a microscopic seed, but none of that mattered. My brain told me that I needed to be comfy- I think it thought I was 33 weeks pregnant! I also bought size large tops (I'm a small/ medium) and ginormous flowy things. (I did later wear these well into my third trimester!)


I read so many articles on "maternity chic" celebrities and how women these days are "rocking their bumps" plus that twins- carrying goddess herself Beyoncé wore the most uncomfortable looking gown for the sake of fashion! Why is it that I can barely put anything that's not sweatpants on most days (and once for a client I put fancy shoes with sweatpants to try to pretend I was work- appropriate)


Anyone else think maternity chic should not be a thing? Is my obsession with 'comfy' a passing symptom of first trimester of pregnancy? 


Here are some of the comfy things that I relied on:


1. H and M Maternity Jeans: I am SO.HAPPY. I bought these! Even though it was ridiculous and 3 weeks pregnant, knowing they were in my closet and I wouldn't have to keep buttons unbuttoned on regular jeans was amazing! I bought them in a faded black, ripped jean and white jean and love them to death. (They are over the bump, so if that bothers you, you'll have to look elsewhere)

2. Everlane Muscle Tank Tops: Perfect for both exercise and under cardigan and jackets. I loved these pre- pregnancy and just sized up for my growing body. 

3.Fleurt With Me Pajamas - I bought 2 super expensive sets because I needed that luxury feeling (I almost NEVER spend $100 on a piece of clothing let alone a pajamas, but I do wear pajamas for 5-7 years easily, so I guess its worth the investment!) The sets I bought from Fleurt With Me are perfect for a growing belly and will be a staple post- partum.  


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