Preparing My Body For Pregnancy

August 15, 2017




When I find out I was pregnant, me and my husband were BEYOND SURPRISED. Nervous, delighted and definitely surprised. We had a plan to try to conceive in 3- 6 months, but man plans and God laughs, as they say.


That being said, with a time frame in mind, I really amped up my nutrition game in the 2 months before the baby! I chose to use a variety of supplements, along with lots of healthy fats and, of course, lots of whole foods. I read Lana Asprey's The Better Baby Book cover to cover AND wrote notes on various sections. I turned my house upside down finding non- toxic substitutes to all my personal care and cleaning products. I kept sugar at 0! I worked out with #NODAYSOFF. Talk about motivation! I was ready to rock the healthiest baby on the planet, because after all, I AM A FREAKING HEALTH COACH! 


Thinking back on this as I enter my second month of pregnancy, I can't help but chuckle. I appreciate my motivation and discipline. In fact, I am so so grateful that I fed myself well before the baby. However, my second half of thinking was that I would be eating so well that I'd be immune to "normal" pregnancy symptoms like food cravings and aversions (I ate no sugar for what seemed like eternity!) I quickly found out that once again, God was laughing. While I must admit that I suffered NO nausea or morning sickness of any kind, I had weird cravings, even weirder food aversions and lots of fatigue. Moral of this story? Planning only gets you so far, and expect to feel some pregnancy symptoms because no matter what you eat, your body is working overtime getting this baby ready for birth! I am also learning to be a little kinder to myself and there is no better ratio than 80-20%! 

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