How I Am Dealing with Growing Belly Freak Out Syndrome

August 15, 2017





There is nothing worse than not fitting into a dress for an event coming up. Well, actually, the only thing worse is not fitting into ANY dresses! Pregnant or not, the feeling of not being able to close a zipper is downright depressing. 

10 weeks into pregnancy, along with a warning glare from my OB over gaining 6 pounds in 10 weeks, I'm feeling great EXCEPT for the weight gain, but that's a very big except. I find myself cursing clothing designers, throwing clothes in a fit and even yelling at my husband for saying a dress I was trying on looked "fine." 


Here are some of the ideas I've had to deal with my own growing belly and maybe you will find an idea that helps you out as well! 


1. Mantra Bands: I bought a new set of mantra bands to remind me of this moment in time. I periodically look at these when I'm in a hormonal mood or just feeling MEH. My current faves are "Enjoy the Journey" "Hakuna Matata" and "Infinite Love."


2. Reciting Mantras: I also needed a mantra to chant when I felt my mind going awry. I decided to go with "I am doing the best I can with what I can." I don't know if this even makes any sense to anyone else, but I made it up and it works for me!


3. Implementing a weekly yoga practice: Up until now, my commitment to yoga has been weak to say the least. I'd do 10 kickboxing and barre sessions, before I drag my mat to a yoga class. BUT I soon realized that I needed the breathing, the quiet, and the pause that yoga offers. I found several amazing teachers and am so grateful to have included this practice into my workout routine. 



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