Finding Motivation To Eat Right and Work Out in My First Trimester

August 15, 2017

Being 11 weeks pregnant, my inability/ lack of motivation to go hard at the gym has sort of clued folks in that something's up with me. Today, my barre instructor called me out while we were doing curls at the barre and announced over the mic, "Michelle is definitely not on her game today." (Of course I made him feel awful about that comment later on 😀)


As someone who is always looking to eat right and work out, and is often the poster child for 24-7 motivation, it is SO SO hard to find motivation to eat well or work out now. Sure, everyone knows that eating well and working out will help you lose weight, post- baby. And I'm sure that's true. BUT that seems so far away and I'm about to get way bigger anyway, so what's the point?


Honestly, I hope my lack of motivation is just a "symptom" of my first trimester. I don't want to be eating crap and missing my favorite exercise classes for no reason. Does anyone understand this struggle?


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