Mother's Day Gift Round Up

May 12, 2017

 Do you want to give your mom the gift of wellness this Mother's Day? Or maybe you believe in #treatyoself ! Either way, I've rounded up some of my own favorite wellness items that any mom would LOVE! 


1. DoTerra Essential Oils: If you or mom haven't gotten on the essential oil bandwagon yet, there is no time like today! These oils are helpful for SO MANY issues including hormones, skin issues, digestive issues and way way more. Because of my love for the product, I am a Do-Terra Elite Leader and can help guide you through the beginning process of working with these oils. From personal experience I can tell you they've saved me many times (especially when it came to my kids!) Click here to go to my DoTerra Homepage. Ask me about myenrollment gift for placing your first order! 


2. Ready, Set, Breathe by Carla Naumburg: I am a HUGE fan of mindfulness in the household because it sets the tone of calm parents and calm kids! I practiced SO MANY of the techniques in the book and it really keeps me sane! This book is ESSENTIAL for all moms who don't want a household full of yelling, screaming and punishing! 


3. Asics Gel- Nimbus Sneakers: I rotate between 4 pairs of these sneakers (in different colors!) at any given time and I always am asking for more workout gear whenever someone wants to buy me a gift! These sneakers are my own personal favorite- they are sturdy and cushioned and I can go from lifting weights, to tennis to doing the whole mom thing and never take them off! 


4. Headspace App: Moms are notorious for taking care of everyone BUT themselves! Getting mom the gift of headspace would be an AMAZING way to show her you want her to take care of herself too! Depending on your budget, one month of headspace is $12.95, one year is $95.00 and two years is $149.99. I NEVER spend money on apps but this one is totally worth it! Plus there is a whole packet related to kids and another one for expecting moms! Click here to see what it's all about FOR FREE. 


5. Non- toxic makeup: These days its easy to find substitutes for moms favorite lipstick and blush colors. There are SO MANY non- toxic clean skincare lines out there! This lipstick is from Ilia, a great clean brand. It took me a while but I did throw out ALL my old Mac makeup! If you are in my local area, Junk Free Beauty is a one stop destination for all things natural! 


6. Foam Roller: More and more studies come out each day telling us how important it is to foam roll to mobilize the fascia (that connective tissue that surrounds our muscles). Whether your mom is a yogi, a cross-fit freak or never stepped foot in a gym, we can all greatly benefit from, it feels so good! 


To all the moms who follow me, keep doing what your doing! We have the hardest but most fulfilling jobs in the world! - Michelle



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