The Easiest and Completely Free Way to Stop Germs At YOUR Front Door!

April 26, 2017


I recently listened to an amazing podcast with nutritionist Meghan Telpner on how to keep toxins out of the home. I'm not the type of person looking to invest money on fancy equipment like HEPA filters, so the information that I was looking for was every- day easy hacks that really help keep my family (and yours!) healthy. 


My own personal FAVORITE takeaway from the show was something I am adamant about in my own home and hope to convince you to implement in yours, which is...

GET YOUR FAMILY TO TAKE THEIR SHOES OFF WHEN ENTERING YOUR HOME. While I don't make guests take their shoes out of fear of being 'that person' when you read this post, you may just become a "no shoes inside, please" house!


First, there's the obvious dirt and scum that you step on daily- think dust, bird and squirrel droppings, feces (a whopping 96% of shoes were found to have components of human feces in a study done in 2008).


In case that doesn't convince you, scientists have also found that 40 percent of the bottoms of shows contain the C diff bacteria, a serious bacteria that causes bowel disorders and diarrhea!  To make matters worse, its one of those bacterias that are resistant to antibiotics! This is a serious one!  Other bacterias found on shoe soles included e.coli as well as other disease risks. 

Scary stuff, for sure but I'm happy to report that there is something that YOU can do right right away- simply make a house rule that family members take off their shoes by the door. ( any basket or closet works to contain them). 


Are you taking your shoes off as we speak?




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