What Containers Should YOU Use  for Meal Prep?

April 10, 2017

If you like my meal prep photos and are thinking of trying meal prep for yourself, you don't need to buy too many things- my guess is you already have a knife, a cutting board, a colander, peeler and some bowls. The only thing left to consider is how to best store your food! 

over the years, I've used whatever was around from aluminum tins to plastic take- out containers and loads of rubber maids and Tupperware. Recently, however, I felt like both these options did not suit my needs. We now know that aluminum foil poses a neurological health concern.See this recent article for more info. As for plastic, I'm guessing those cheap to- go containers have BPA (a toxic compound) in them plus plastic seems to release a chemical that looks like estrogen and I have enough hormone issues, thank you very much! Here is that study. 

HOWEVER, since so much of my food is eaten outside of my home, I decided to go with a combination of plastic and glass, until I find a better way. Also, I invested hundreds of dollars into those plastic click- clack containers, so I'm not fully prepared to let go out that. 

I scoured the internet to find containers that would work for me, and most of you! What I ended up with are these gorgeous clear Pyrex containers with silicone tops. They are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. 

Here is what it looks like in my fridge:


I bought 2 sets to start along with larger sizes covered Pyrex and I want to buy more, but first want to make sure the tops hold up to cleaning and don't warp or shrink (I had this problem once before).

Would these Pyrex work in your kitchen? What do you think of my fridge? Drop me a line! 

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