Thinking Outside the Box When It Comes to Kid's Health

March 26, 2017


As someone who changed my whole life when I changed my food, food has a sacred place. I believe nutrition is key to so many aspects of wellness and I try to add nutritious foods to my family (and yours!) all the time. BUT I don't think food tells the whole story.....


Of course we all want to raise healthy children, but we also want to raise happy children that thrive, and food is not usually enough for this important second part of wellness! There are key aspects that I have been working on in my own life that have trickled down into my family's wellness routines and I am SO excited to be coming to Manhattan on Wednesday to talk about it! If you are someone looking to give your kids even more wellness, then check out this link  to sign up! Some of the key aspects of wellness that I am working on in my own home are: 


MINDFULNESS AND MEDITATION - While these ideas are related since mediation is a formal practice of mindfulness, we can enhance our family's focus on the present without any formal training.  All we need to do is focus on small sensory aspects of mindfulness throughout the day, which is definitely what us adults need as well! Some ideas include having them be undistracted at meal times so they can taste and smell the food. Of course this is made into a game in my home (everything is made into a game in my home FYI. There is actually a scientific name for it- the gamification of education and it is very effective for younger kids). Other mindful moments can be when your kids hug and kiss you as they leave to school - stretch that moment just a little bit longer! Also, bed time is the perfect time for some mindfulness.  Meditation, which is a more formal practice, is great for kids as well and at Wednesdays workshop I will be revealing my FAVORITE resources for kids meditation! 


STRESS MANAGEMENT AND GRATITUDE - Why lump these two seemingly unrelated categories together? Because over and over again I've been learning that GRATITUDE IS ACTUALLY THE OPPOSITE OF STRESS. When you are focused on being thankful, stress doesn't have a place in our mind! So what do these even have to do with kids, you may be curious. After all, what stress could THEY have going to school and playing games all day! I've been reading that parents underestimate how stressed their kids are and I see it in my health coaching practice as a HUGE EPIDEMIC. Children as young as 6 experiencing anxiety, panic attacks and other forms of high levels of stress. They need stress management techniques as much as we parents do. Teaching children gratitude can combat their stress as well as create happier children overall! I will include in subsequent blog articles more techniques on helping kids learn stress management and gratitude. 


Think you would benefit from learning more about these kid's wellness ideas? I have partnered up with Julia Chebotar, chef and owner of the Organic Grill (where the event is being hosted) where she will impart her amazing expertise on family friendly seasonal foods that are healthy and delicious! (Restaurant is certified kosher for all interested). See below for the full invitation information and click this link to order tickets. Tickets are $25. Hope to see you Wednesday! 


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