Friday's Photoshoot + Facing Fears Head ON

March 3, 2017

Do certain things scare the crap out of you? Maybe its driving over bridges, maybe its public speaking, maybe its airplanes... Technically, fear is defined as "an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Todays post is about motivating YOU to face your fears head on....


If you follow along on Instagram, you probably have noticed that I don't often (read: ever!) post pictures of myself on my Instagram account. I think theres a total of 3 pictures of myself (and two are with Dr. Oz and Dr. Mike because the love is real!)....NO matter how much I stress the importance of self love to you all, I can't always make that leap into self acceptance myself - every photo seems to have bugged out eyeballs, a droopy crooked nose, frizzy hair, bad skin... yada yada yada.... When I say I'm a work in progress, I mean it- I struggle the way you struggle and I NEVER want someone to think I have it all figured out! Part of why I love coaching others in that I get to work through these emotions along with them and I always can empathize with someone who doesn't like the way they look in the mirror. Along my journey though, I have gotten better with time. I take time to be grateful for a strong, healthy body and mind. I love my way- too- long- for- a- 30- year- old hair, and I am always happy to see a couple of muscles during barre mind, like my body, is a work is progress. 


Anyway, it is logical to assume that an entire photoshoot of myself would be completely OFF LIMITS - a never in a million years type of suggestion. When my friend, the always fabulous Emily Cohen, of My Life My Menu, suggested a photoshoot I cringed and gagged a little in my mouth- why would I ever subject myself to such torture?? I forgot about it altogether until about 5 people in the last few weeks found out who I was and said "oh my God, I love your account but had no idea what you look like!" Fate was telling me what I needed to do! So, last Wednesday I booked a photoshoot for 2 days later! Not 2 months, not two weeks- 2 days, so I wouldn't cancel- I basically FORCED myself to get it done! When I looked up the definition of fear, I saw that a photoshoot wasn't actually dangerous or threatening- at worst I could delete the pictures and pretend the whole thing never happened. What transpired, though, was completely the opposite! 


The following day, I scheduled a hair appointment and a makeup appointment. I told both people that I just wanted to look like myself, cleaned up- no fake eyelash extensions here! I wanted people to see me and be true to my minimalist (read: no makeup ever) look. I enlisted Doris from Junk Free Beauty, who only used high quality vegan and completely natural makeup, because anything else would have gone against everything I believe in! 


I conducted the shoot the way I wanted to showcase what really goes on in my kitchen- a lot of veggie chopping and salad making (without the pajamas and hair net!) I did some eating, and working and a lot of coffee and smoothie sipping, plus many photos included my IRL favorite gym clothes and sweatshirt!


When all was done and I saw the photos, I was shocked! I looked like myself, but cleaned up and I looked beautiful! I didn't notice love handles, protruding noses and all the other things that make me dread photos- a lot of my fear was completely unwarranted!!  To you all, I say, whatever your fear is, acknowledge is and know that even though the emotion is very real, the truth maybe different. Them, take MASSIVE ACTION to manage it instead of allowing it to keep controlling you! Maybe do something that would shake YOUR fear to the core like I did!


What are you looking to overcome? Comment below or drop me a private message so I can offer more tips and suggestions! 


Here are some of the un-editted pictures of the day!








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