How I Include Essential Oils In My Wellness Routine

March 1, 2017

If you've ever watched my Instagram stories, you'll probably see my little DoTerra bottles all over the place- in the kitchen, on my desk, and definitely my kids bedroom... so I wanted to take a minute to spell out what essential oils are and how I use them around the house! 



What are essential oils anyway?

Plainly, essential oils are the aromatic compounds of plants that are extracted. Each plant's aroma is distinct and powerful. In addition to making the home smell nice (without the use of toxic cancer- causing chemicals like febreze), essential oils can be used in many health and wellness applications- to me this is plant- based medicine at its best!


The reasons I personally use essential oils include:  

- to strengthen overall immunity and reduce inflammation

- to relax and sleep better at bedtime

- to help with breathing when I feel a cold coming on

- to increase focus and concentration

- to help with skin breakouts

- to combat a yeast infection

- to keep my kids immune systems strong

- to make DIY cleaning product and personal care recipes - check out this post on some easy DIYs

See even more benefits of essential oils here.


Ok, I'm In! What Should I Buy?

For beginners, I recommend trying a starter kit of high quality essential oils and a diffuser. When I bought my first set of DoTerra essential oils, I had no idea what to do with them and assumed it would probably be yet another product test business expense (read: waste of money). Thankfully I had a friend and essential oils mentor Julie Botton to work with me 1-on-1 on figuring out what to do with these things! Follow Julie's essential oil page on Instagram @Jewel_Essentials. Fast forward a few months, and I use ALL of the oils in the kit- most of them daily! To relax and sleep I use lavender. I love the lemon oil in my morning lemon water drink and love peppermint for focus and concentration. I also diffuse francincense since its one of the foundational oils that seems to cure everything! 


For beginners, I HIGHLY recommend a diffuser.  An essential oil diffuser is a little machine where you put the oil mixed in with water and it creates essential oil vapors that get released into the air. The diffusers are simple to use and clean (If you own a humidifier those things are MUCH harder to clean than a diffuser). The reason I like diffusers for beginners is because essential oils are powerful and their application can be confusing at first (I've burnt my eyes more than once!). The simplest and safest way to use them it by sticking a few drops into the machine and inhaling its effects. I own 2 DoTerra Petal Diffusers which have been working out great so far (I started with one but me and the kids were constantly fighting over it!)


How to Use the Diffuser: 

Most diffusers work the same. To use, simply fill up to the line with water, then use the recommended number of drops according to your oils and diffuser- typically it is somewhere between 5 and 12 drops, according to the DoTerra website.  Put on the lid of the diffuser, plug it in and enjoy!  To clean the diffuser, see instructions here.


If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, you can head over to the DoTerra website (it is the only brand I know and use). Also, for specific questions, don't hesitate to email me here! Look out for a more in depth explanation of the basic essential oils in upcoming posts along with how I use these oils for my kids! 


* Disclosure: I have a wellness advocate account with DoTerra so that's the brand that I personally am familiar with and can help you with the most since I know their practices and blends. Reach out to me to learn how to get wholesale pricing on their site! 




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