DIY Deoderant, Toothpaste and Shampoo

March 3, 2017

When someone recently asked me if I thought deodorant was as bad as people online are saying, I stared at her in disbelief - "you mean there are people out there still using regular deodorant??? I honestly had no idea! I threw out all my Secret deodorants YEARS ago and thought that the idea of smelling bad was actually some kind of fraudulent fear put onto us by the beauty industry. They probably invest billions of dollars trying to scientifically prove how bad we all smell! (If my position seems crazy or weird to you, just know that Cameron Diaz doesn't wear deodorant either!)


I don't like to include fear mongering in my posts but the ingredients in deodorants are downright TOXIC and include aluminum, parabens and triclosan. No need to get into science here- what these mean are that using deodorant means you are putting probable carcinogens and hormone disruptors on a delicate part of your body's largest organ! 


I invested in DoTerra's starter set of essential oils and use them daily. Read my How I Include Essential Oils in My Wellness Routine here. While each little bottle is expensive, the amount of DIY products I can create with them is endless and SO worth it! If you are a rookie in the essential oils department, no worries- I'll help you out! But first go and buy the basics so you can make your own shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant at home. Here is a link to DoTerra's website or reach out to me for exactly which oils to start off with!


Here are 3 DIY recipes by Dr. Axe that I like to use. Check out his site here for TONs of natural remedies and DIY recipes! 


*PRO TIP: Make all these recipes at the same time, since most of the ingredients are the same! Make sure to store these in glass jars. 


DIY 2-In-1 Shampoo and Conditioner (single use) 

5 drops lavender oil 

1 teaspoon coconut oil

1 pinch baking soda

Mix all ingredients together and use as regular shampoo and conditioner. Feel free to double or 10 times the recipe! 


DIY Deodorant

20 drops tea tree oil (aka Melleluca oil) + 1 tbsp coconut oil + 1 tbsp baking soda + optional, add chamomile for a more feminine smell. 

Mix all and apply as needed. 


DIY toothpaste:

20 drops peppermint + 1 tbsp coconut oil + 1 tbsp baking soda 

Mix and apply to toothbrush. 




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