Five Reasons I Love Smoothies

February 7, 2017

My Instagram Stories always has random smoothie concoctions that I dream up and people always ask me if smoothies really are a "health food." The answer is yes, if you are planning on making the smoothie at home! Smoothies from restaurants often use a juice base plus added sugars, artificial sweeteners and hidden dairy  creating more of a junk food than a healthy one. Besides, making a smoothie at home is EASY! Here are a few reasons I love smoothies! 


 1. Smoothies are packed with vegetables that would otherwise be missing from your day. Spinach, zucchini and celery are completely undetectable in a smoothie (except for the color!) These vegetables contain valuable vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients for optimal health, so why not throw them in to your (or your kids!) smoothies. 


2. Smoothies make it easy to make the healthy choice.  You don't have to have any fresh produce on hand. You can use fruit or vegetables that are past their prime. You don't need to follow a recipe.  Because of the simplicity, more people are likely to actually blend one up instead of their morning donut run or kids cereal and milk bowl. 


3. It is easy to boost your smoothie using protein powders and other superfoods (maca, baobab, chia seeds etc) There are so many interesting superfoods out there! A smoothie is the perfect place to throw some superfoods into and reap their benefits without having to take extra supplements! 


4. Smoothies are easily customizable so that everyone can find a flavor they enjoy! People are way more likely to eat a meal they enjoy so the ability to easily customize a smoothie is fantastic. Kids especially can typically find a flavor they like (chocolate and strawberry are a family favorite)


5. Smoothies contain the whole fruit, keeping the fiber intact. In order to stay regular, we need adequate fiber. Using a juicer eliminates the fiber, while smoothies keep it in. 


So, why not blend yourself a smoothie today! 





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