Beating the Monday Blues

February 5, 2017

On Instagram Il'll often see quotes saying stuff like "Do what you love and you'll never have a problem with Monday" and "Its a good week to have a good week." Well, there is no one who loves their life more than I but in spite of all the monday motivation, I am engineered to HATE Mondays. Maybe I still remember that going back to school feeling, my 18 hour law school days or even the sitting in an office grind. No matter what it is, I always have a little bit of the Monday Blues- getting my kids to school without getting yelled at for being late by the teacher, reminding myself I have a drawer full of mail to open, realizing links in my blog are not functioning, and making my overly scheduled day actually work, not to mention ACTUALLY RUNNING A FUNCTIONING HOUSEHOLD (kudos to my working moms out there!) Its actually not Monday's fault for being the day after Sunday, but either way I knew I needed to do something to lessen the Monday Blues. 


So how do I beat the Monday Blues? By transferring up some Monday-y things to Sunday! Since Sunday is generally a relaxed time to do things on my own schedule, I take my time to do some of the less annoying things on Sunday, such as: 


1. I prepare my week's food: This includes making the menu for Monday through Thursday along with corresponding shopping list, making my lunch (so I don't have to eat some sad desk lunch at in my home office!), prepare some of the veggies for the week's dinners, batch- prepare my kids lunches (such as rice, lentils and soups)


2. Schedule something fun on Mondays! I purposely schedule things I love for Mondays so I have something to look forward to when I check my schedule- this may include a social media collaboration. a review of a new restaurant or gym or other fun things to remind myself why I love my job in the first place! 


3. Prepare the kid's knapsacks and weekly schedule- I am that *horrible* mom that always seems to forget my kids have a playdate or friend's birthday party. Because I know I have this tendency, I live with the constant anxiety that I AM FORGETTING SOMETHING IMPORTANT, which is anxiety for no damn reason, especially after the weekend! Now, I check their afterschool activities, extracurriculars and special events on Sunday evening. This better prepares me so that some crazy unexpected party on Monday doesn't get missed and I feel confident to start my Monday without that 'what am I forgetting anxiety.'







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