Fun Fitness Review: Shadowbox DUMBO

January 24, 2017


What initially draws people into hiring me as a coach is to help them work on their food- schedules, meal preps, food swaps etc. But what keeps them coming back are the out- of- the- box ideas we come up with to get them healthy- sometimes it is stress management tools such as yoga and meditation, other times it is working on their body through fitness or sleep. One of the things I HIGHLY recommend is having each client work on finding some sort of physical activity that they enjoy - I don't require high intensity training, just something each client can use as a means of self care. 


For myself, I have lightened my fitness schedule significantly over the past year- I stopped feeling the need to go SO hard and basically abandoned hard core cardio all together. I still work out 6 days a week with a combination of weight training and toning classes and feel like a happier less- aggressive human. Like everything else, this may change over time as needed! In an effort to remind everyone out there just how many fitness options there are out there, I will feature some of the work outs I test! 


ShadowBox DUMBO

Last year I was doing kickboxing 3-4 days a week, so you'd be correct in assuming that I love the boxing workout, especially with heavy bags! You feel your heart pumping the whole time and you get to PUNCH THINGS. I think that deep down I am a super aggressive person and this workout just resonates with me- sometimes I pick people to visualize punching (probably not the best idea out there but who cares!) Other times its just me versus the bag, kicking its ass! So when my husband signed us both up for Shadowboxing together, I was in! Full disclosure: My husband has not exercised "since college" (that's what he says and even in college he didn't actually do anything other than hang around the gym to look cool I think). 


Pros: For a seasoned boxer like me, the workout was pretty straight forward- if you like boxing (which I do) you'll like the workout! The 45 minute workout is split up between shadowboxing and heavy bag with some core and ab work in between and at the end. The club was super clean and the amenities were on par with a high end gym, not some stinky men's gym! The routine was straightforward and easy to follow, even for a first timer. 


Cons:  My husband had NO IDEA what he was doing-  he couldn't squat or plank correctly and I  WISHED the instructor would have taken a moment to walk over and help with form. There was only 6 people in the class so the instructor DEFINITELY had an opportunity to check us all out individually. To me, FORM. IS. EVERYTHING. The only suggestion I would have for Shadowbox is to take some time to help newbies in the class! 


Anyone out there love boxing? Have you tried the Shadowbox workout or any other boxing club? Let me know your thoughts! 


Click here to check out Shadowbox DUMBO  





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