Fun Fitness Review: IMAX SHIFT

January 19, 2017


Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to Lisa Hayim's fun health blogger event. She's an RD and has an amazing Instagram @thewellnecessities and blog. (Check out the most recent blog post here!) Where else would a health blogger choose to host an event than a trendy new fitness club! We all got to enjoy a spin class and hung out afterward with food from Le Botaniste. The studio was super cool- immaculately clean and fresh looking, with great locker rooms and some high end club amenities. 


Before I discuss the workout I must confess that I. HATE. SPIN. every version - the old school, the new school - its something that I've been doing since college and I am generally over it! 


Onto a review of the the IMAX SHIFT workout....


 First of all, when you walk into the studio, it has bikes lined up in a way that looks more like a movie theater than a gym- it is stadium seating around a HUGE IMAX screen. The Bikes hook up to some sort of monitor which later emails you feedback on your workout (I thought it was cool to know I burned over 400 calories in 45 minutes!) According to the IMAX Shift Website, "Each bike’s console gives you the option to track your own speed, resistance, and power" - I wasn't tech savvy enough to figure all these features out! 


Once the workout started, the screen displayed this huge train and there was a definite danc-y pumping beat to the music. As the instructor told us which position and what we should be doing, different images appeared- that train riding through mountains, a lot of outer- space planets and some abstract stuff as well. I would have showed you pictures except for the fact that one of the bloggers got majorly in trouble for having their phone out during the workout!! 


If you are wondering what the actual point of the IMAX screen is since there is still other music and an instructor in the background, I  wondered the same thing when I got there. According to IMAX Shift, it is in order to create a total body sensory experience- for me, it was something to look at when you get bored, which was a definite plus. The imagery was definitely a way to make time pass! 


Overall, the workout was fun and intense (the instructor was super intense as well) and I had a great time! As soon as I got home, I told my husband that IMAX SHIFT is something he needs to try, since he's not a workout person and the IMAX screen would offer him something to do when he's barely working out! 


Be on the lookout for more fitness reviews to come! 


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