Three Changes You Can Make TODAY To Get Your Kids Healthy!

January 7, 2017



People often ask me for my top 3 ideas on how to get their kids started on a road to health, without implementing any massive changes that will make the whole family rebel against them. Here are some easy tips to get you started, whether your kids are toddlers or teens! 


1. Instead of eliminating junk food from your family's diet, begin by adding in nutritious foods. By adding in health, antioxidant rich foods, everyone will begin to feel better! Celebrate small successes, like when a child didn't catch whatever's going around school or if there's been a long stretch between doctor visits. having a child associate healthy eating with less illness and doctor visits will definitely motivate them to keep going. Plus all the healthy food being added in will hopefully crowd out some of the junk food. 


2. Use sleep as a wellness tool. The proper amount of sleep will help kid's be able to stay alert and focused in school. It will help their grades and overall functioning. Teaching kids the importance of sleep is a good first step towards health without even needing to change any of their food! For younger kids, a special sleep toy or sleep book may prove helpful. 


3. Test out simple swaps as a family. Today, the market for healthy snacks is booming. There is no better time to bring your kids to a local health food store and wander around and pick up and taste new snacks to replace any overly processed sugary ones. Bringing kids along and making a fun outing of it may help with the perception of healthy eating being fun and positive. 

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