Cashew Cream

December 25, 2016

When it comes to fashion, I'm the most basic (read: boring) dresserblack top, black leggings and black flats, no extras or unnecessary accessories. In food, however, see the "accessories" as magical- toppings, dips, mix-ins, swirl- ins, garnishes... you name it, I dig it! This week as I was making tomato soup (amazing recipe from I had the idea of swirling in some cashew cream... which.was.INSANE. But even more insane was that I began to dream of how cashew cream would taste in every soup, chili, Lentil, quinoa, vegetable, pancake, waffle and smoothie dish I am making this week. So I decided to make a big batch of cashew cream and place it in a mason jar in the fridge to pull out and swirl into everything - from savory soups and stews to oatmeals, smoothies and more! Next week, I'll be making a double batch in the beginning of the week because it was finished in no time! 


Cashew Cream 

1 cup cashews

Water to cover 

Additional water to thin 

1/4 tsp salt, optional 


Place 1 cup cashews into a small bowl with enough water to cover. Let sit at least 30 minutes, up to 2 hours, Drain soaking water and rinse cashews. Place cashews in blender with 2 tbsp new fresh water and pinch salt. Blend, adding extra water as needed to thin mixture. Store in the fridge 1 week and swirl it in everything!! 



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