Baked Mini Pears with Pecans

December 11, 2016

I'm not a huge fan of winter fruit. I eat apples, bananas, pears and berries, but it's not exciting. I'll begrudgingly eat a few oranges and I'll bake some grapefruits. None of the above is even close to the perfection of a cold slice of watermelon on a hot summer day! This winter I am trying to do more interesting things with winter fruit- I'll be cooking up cranberries and making delicious compotes in order to excite myself into eating it! 

A recent kitchen success were these baked pears. Adding a little honey and pecans definitely elevated these pears to next level- I felt like I was eating dessert at some fancy restaurant with a tablecloth and waiter with a French accent! 



Baked Mini Pears with Pecans

3 mini pears, cut in half, with seeds and core scooped out with a melon baller

water to cover the bottom of the pyrex 

1/2-1 tsp honey for each pear (of course you could add more, but I didn't find it necessary)

handful pecans, chopped 

raisins or currants, optional


coconut whipped cream or coconut yogurt, optional to top


Place pears cut side up in pyrex with water. Add chopped pecans and raisins and drizzle honey and cinnamon on top of each one. Bake, covered about 30 minutes, until soft. 


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