Product Review: Love Bean Spread

December 1, 2016

As a health coach and food blogger, I often get sent samples to test and review for companies. Many products never even see it to these blog pages, because either: 1. the ingredients do not align with my beliefs or 2. It tastes like crap. Either way, I am picky with favorable reviews! 


When it comes to kids’ snacks, it is necessary for me to buy packaged, single serve snack foods for them to take to school. I try my best to find snacks they like that are organic, non- GMO, without high fructose corn syrup and of course, my biggest pet peeve, artificial dyes. 


When I was sent Lovebean chocolate spread, I had been looking for a Nutella replacement for some time. Nutella is like a dirty word in my house. On the commercials, marketers make it seem like part of a healthy breakfast, but I just could not imagine it so! I banned Nutella from my house last year, in part because I have a daughter allergic to nuts and it just wasn’t’ fair to have her sit and watch her sister devour a giant chocolate sandwich! I explained to my kids that Nutella had junk ingredients in it and that we would find an even better replacement. (#sorrynotsorry Nutella)


When my Lovebean packs arrived, it was love at first bite! There were 1 rule surrounding Lovebean- it needed to be eaten WITH something else, here with sliced apple, organic corn cakes and hemp seeds). 


Lovebean products are paleo, vegan, kosher, made of organic ingredients and without any refined sugar. The Raw Chocolate Flavor was the clear favorite in my home and is nut- free (made of coconut) and would therefore be allowed into many nut free schools (check first that coconut oil is permitted). 


I went one step further and made raw chocolate using similar ingredients to my preschool healthy cooking class who were dunking any fruit they could find into the spread- it was definitely a hit with them too! (1/2c  cocoa powder 1/2c coconut oil and 1/4c maple syrup). 


Who is ready to give these a try?! 











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