3 Tips To Stop You from Eating Yourself Sick This Holiday Season

November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁🍽

Do you know that feeling of being so over- stuffed you feel like you can't move- sort of like That big Grape girl in Willy Wonka? I definitely know that feeling well. For me, it happens when I pick at food continuously for hours then sit down to a big meal afterwards- pretty much exactly like what goes on on Thanksgiving! I absolutely HATE the feeling of out of control eating and, even worse, when it's accompanied by an overfull belly and stomach ache. Here are some tips I live by when my day is off schedule to keep the crazy eating at bay. 
1. Eat more before dinner! Yes, it may sound counter intuitive but eating nice sized meals before the big meal will satisfy you and curb some of the mindless picking. On Holidays, I typically follow a strict schedule- big breakfast, soup or smoothie mid- morning, and a HUMONGOUS salad for lunch. Even if I'm left to my own vices at dinner, I'll at least be happy that I got in good nutrition at the other meals plus I hopefully won't overdo it as much. 
2. Make a healthy dish! Duh! This applies whether you are cooking the feast or going to a loved one. If you are cooking, then it's a no brainer to make sure you have 1-2 dishes that you can eat and enjoy (Also don't forget to pre- make yourself a little dessert!) If you are going to someone else's home, let them know in advance you are bringing a healthy dish to them and double check that it's ok. (I've never had anyone tell me NO!) I love making a grain or kale salad or tempeh- something so health foodie it won't compete with any of the hostess's delicious food! 

3. Breathe, Chew and Appreciate! At our meal, Thanksgiving dinner begins at 5pm. We finish said dinner about 5:15- the whole turkey carving , gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes... it all gets gobbled up so quickly, it's no wonder we get sick soon after. Breathe and truly remind yourself of the purpose of the day- be thankful for the food on your table and the wonderful family you share it with. I'm sure you all know by now that mindful eating is all the rage in wellness right now, so a little mindfulness and gratitude is a very good thing, especially on Thanksgiving! I will ask my kids what they are thankful for and spend a little more time talking and a little less time stuffing...

That all being said, make sure to enjoy the day and enjoy the food because once Thanksgiving is done, there are #noexcuses to get back on track!


Here is some pictures of what I made for Turkey Day (no Turkey of course!)







Happy Thanksgiving! Scroll down to see some of the Thanksgiving goodies I'll be enjoying! 


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