Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

November 21, 2016

Last January I decided to write a blog because I wanted to write more than just what I ate in the day (which is basically what my Instagram looked like). The idea was to use the blog platform to actually encourage people to make REAL changes in their lives that would make them get healthy and feel well. HOWEVER, due to my lack of understanding ANYTHING technology related, I did not really know how to properly "do a blog." (I am only 34 years old but when it comes to technology I'm more like my 97 year old grandma who freaks out whenever we put her on FaceTime with my Uncle in California). Anyways, a lot has changed these last 9 months- I have numerous successful coaching programs under my belt (keep an eye out for a testimonials section popping up one of these days), I have done cooking classes and demonstrations throughout the community and have been able to connect with people all over the world through my Instagram @BuddhabowlsandBurpees.


I hope to continue to inspire you guys- my friends, followers and readers! I want you to reach out with any questions or suggestions! Also, shout me out for any collaboration ideas - I love connecting with other health foodies! 





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