Plant Based Shopping at ... Target

November 20, 2016


 Here is the next installment in the "What To Buy From..." Store Series and it was definitely eye opening for me! Someone on Instagram asked me to feature Target and I begrudgingly said I would. I haven't walked into a Target in ages for several reasons: 1. It stocked too much crap 2. Its fruit and vegetable department was abysmal 3. It didn't have any significant amount of organic food 4. Whenever I went in, I ended up buying way too much crap I didn't need! 


With a mission at hand, I set out to shop Target the plant based way. I was pleasantly surprise at the sweeping changes the store is making! 


Would I normally buy my produce order here? A very loud NO, but maybe a fill in every now and then wouldn't be so bad. They had a giant bag of sliced strawberries and bananas that would be perfect for the trendy Yonanas machines that are everywhere now. 


I discovered many Simply Balanced products (I'm guessing Target's private organic label). They had boxed, ready to eat organic beans for $1.49 which is great for the office or travel. Plus adios BPA gross cans! Simply Balanced Olive Oil and coconut oil looked reasonably priced and decent quality and I found Pumpkin Seed Oil and Pistachio Oil which have nutty and delicious flavors- give these a try! 


IN the baking aisle there were great sugar option. Wholesome Organic Palm Sugar was 16oz for $4.49. 


I opened several snacks along the way. I tried the Gimme Organic Seaweed Snacks for $1.75, which I didn't like but ended up shoveling into my mouth as I shopped. They stocked Environkids brand products, Skinny Pop Popcorn, Simply Tostitos Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips and Black Bean Chips (yay Non- GMO Chips!)


Target also carried the Lara Bar Minis, which are the perfect size for travel or late night snacking. They also carry the Larabar bites in several different flavors 5 oz for $5. 


Beyond the food aisle, I discovered that Target has a HUGE selection devoted to Ball Mason Jars, in every shape and size! As you begin to eliminate processed foods from your house, you may need some of these for your homemade sauces and dressings (and maybe even the fermented cabbage from this blog)


The moral of the story is that every store deserves a second chance and I was glad that I gave one to Target. On the other hand, I still ended up buying way too many things I didn't need- smoothie cups, lamps, storage bins.....


Keep letting me know which stores YOU shop at so I can go in with an eye for plant based deals in your neighborhood! 
















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