First Trimester Essentials List

August 15, 2017



If there's one thing I can honestly say about pregnancy its that no matter how good you feel, it is SO. DAMN. UNCOMFORTABLE! To get me through, there are certain items I absolutely relied on in my first trimester. I want to share with you some of the items with the other pregnant mamas out there. For all of you who are not pregnant, many of these items are still really good to have around! 

  1. Comfy Sweats-  I'm very sensory and HATE putting on "real clothes" in general. Pregnancy heightened this sensation and I found myself buying size large tops from the first week I found out I was pregnant. I  simply couldn't bear the thought of clothing hugging/ touching my body. I found the super softest and comfiest sweatpants are now own 7 pairs (for every day of the week, obviously). 

  2. Prenatal Vitamins - So many clients tell me they are too nauseous or lazy to take prenatal vitamins daily. Personally, I knew I was dealing with so many food aversions that I wasn’t eating my best and supplementation was key. I didn’t mess around and took a quality prenatal, DHA supplement, calcium- magnesium and choline every single day. 

  3. Dark Chocolate - Because the end of the day was extremely tough for me (by 7pm couldn't raise my butt off the couch unless it was to get to my bed) I wanted to treat myself as much as possible. A few squares of Black and Green’s 85% dark chocolate often did the trick. (I also discovered my 5 year old LOVES these bars and when I moved into my parents summer house, I brought them up to my bedroom since I live on the third floor!

  4. Green Tea - ditching the usual coffee routine was SAD. I didn't know any decaf coffee brands that were good, so I stuck with green tea for a while. It was good but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have some regular coffee as well. 

  5. Epsom Salts - I read that baths during pregnancy are fine so long as the water doesn't get too hot. To someone who scorches my skin in every shower or bath I take, I was mindful to keep the temperature down. These bath salts elevated my normal bath routine into a way more luxurious spa-like experience. I added baking soda and essential oils to the tub as well.

  6. Avocado - I couldn't believe how nutty my diet got. As someone who's been eating a whole food plant based diet for 5 years, I was shocked at how many normal foods I couldn’t even look at. Thankfully I was able to eat avocado and lots of it! The second thing I ate LOTS of was fruit, which was something I had been keeping low pre- pregnancy.

  7. Badger Body Oil- Feeling helpless is not a fun feeling and in your first trimester you know your body is going to get way bigger and stretched out. I tried to lather the body oil on because it felt good and also it felt like I was actually doing something to proactively reduce stretch marks. I also used a lot of coconut oil on my growing belly. 


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