My Interview with Naomi Nachman!

July 13, 2017


I had the great pleasure to be on Table 4 Two with Naomi Nachman. Naomi Nachman, also known as the Aussie Gourmet, is a personal chef and amazing Kosher foodie. Check her out here. She has a delicious recipe for a vegan gluten free matbucha, a tomato based dip, that you can find here.


We found out we had so much in common! We both have a passion for fresh ingredients, and we are both home chefs with no formal food training! 


Check out the full interview above!


Along with the interview, two more amazing foodie/ blogger/ instagrammer ladies were with me. Melinda Strauss of Kitchen Tested is a foodie, chef and blogger and mom who has a kick ass site and social account! Chaya Sure Leitner, along with her lost list of talents is  KICK ASS bread baker, who brought in a sourdough loaf to rival anything I've ever tasted in my life (and trust me, I've tasted EVERY loaf out there). She shared my passion for healthy eating and even created a few of her own AMAZING buddha bowls after we left! Check her out on her Instagram HERE.


Check out my interview and these lovely ladies and let me know what you think! What would you LIKE to see more of on my site? Many EXCITING things are happening in life and online! Stay tuned! 

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